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"Following a gall bladder removal surgery I have been suffering for nearly a year from terrible indigestion, lost over a stone in weight and was becoming increasingly tired and weak. After following Kate's recommended supplement regime and adjusting my diet I started noticing an improvement almost immediately. It has been nearly a year since and I can honestly say I feel Kate's caring and professional advise has immensely improved my health and my quality of life"

- Mira Lanceman


Health Testing (Functional Testing)

Functional testing can help to uncover finer underlying imbalances which may be affecting your health.

City Life Nutrition works with leading diagnostic testing laboratories in order to help you investigate more thoroughly the route of any health concern.

Key areas include:

Thyroid and Adrenal Imbalances 

Food sensitivity and Allergies

Nutrient status testing

Stool testing to take a deeper look at the gut microbiome 

Hormone testing around oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone

Please call 07791 390749 for your free 15 minute chat around functional testing and what is available for you. 





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