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"I was a client of Kate Osborne's who I found most helpful and exceptionally generous and warm. I feel like I am becoming a healthier and more energetic person because of Kate. I will forever be grateful for her help and guidance"

Natasha Alexander - Comedian


Nutrition Programmes

10 Week Weght Loss and Shape up Programme - £395

1 hour initial consultation - assessment of health history, weight, BMI and body composition. We will put a nutrition programme together which will fit with you life.  

4 follow up sessions (30mins) : assessment of weight, BMI, body composition and changes made to the programme. 

Includes weekly contact points for motivational health coaching. 

The sessions must be done in clinic as equipment is used to monitor weight and body composition


12 Week Gut Transformation Programme £595

1 hour initial health assessment - review of factors which may be contributing to your gut imbalances

Gut microbiome assessment (stool test) using Genova Diagnostics GI Effects test: A comprensive analysis of gut bacteria, yeast, pathogens and parasites which may be contibuting to your symptoms. 

4 follow up sessions to implement a 4 stage protocol based on food and supplements to help remove any triggers and re establish balance in the digestive tract. 

The sessions can be done in clinic or via Skype


12 Week Hormone Balance Programme £495

1 hour comprehensive health assessment using the functional medicine model. 

Functional testing if necessary (the cost of the actual tests are not included)  

Personalised food and supplement programme

4 clinic follow up consultations

Contact points via Skype or email 


Metabolic Balance Programme: See here for more details







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