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"When I met Kate I was suffering with quite a few health problems - dizziness, headaches, rheumatism, PCOS. I had difficulty losing weight and actually kept gaining even though I had a relatively healthy diet. I have now been on Metabolic Balance for four months which has had an enormous impact on my life for the better! All the symptoms that I found hard to cope with before are gone or improved immensely. I have lost 16kg and besides feeling healthier and better I am happy in myself again. The guidance that I received from Kate has just been fantastic and I would highly recommend her and the programme any time. Its just priceless to feel good again." Kerstin Eisinger - Revenue Executive


What is Metabolic Balance®? 

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Metabolic Balance® is a healthy weight loss programme based on your blood analysis 

The blood analysis means that it is completely personalised to you

It uses only whole foods and suggests meals which are quick to prepare

It is a training programme on how to eat right for optimal health and bring your body into balance.


Tailor Made for You 

The programme is tailor made to your specific biochemistry, taking into account any health issues that you may have, along with your measurements and desired weight. A blood test analysis will be carried out at the start and your nutritional programme will be generated from your blood analysis results. The dietary programme promotes a shift in your metabolism and change in biochemistry, promoting optimal combustion of your foods and increased burning of fat. Regulation of weight is almost a side effect!

It Works!

Metabolic Balance ® is a tried and tested programme based on 20 years of scientific research and 400,000 programmes for clients around the world with fascinating results. The programme won a prestigious Wellness award last year and a large study is soon to be published.

Who is it for? 

Everyone could potentially benefit, however this programme is especially helpful for those who suffer from long term weight issues, especially when fuelled by an underlying hormonal imbalance. 

Clients also report increased vitality and wellbeing, younger looking skin, improved mood and concentration, better sleep, the list goes on.

What Happens?

The programme consists of four phases:

Phase one – A two day detoxification period

Phase two – Strict adjustment phase where the personalised programme is followed for a minimum of two and a maximum of four weeks. Adaption of metabolism occurs.

Phase three – Relaxed adjustment. You may add in new foods to the programme and indulge in ‘cheat’ meals. Clients report steady weight loss and improvements in health and well being.

Phase four – Maintenance phase. Once your target weight is achieved then you enter the fourth phase which is continued on a long term basis. You will discuss with your coach some simple guidelines to maintain a healthy functioning metabolism and general good health.

The Cost 

The cost of the programme is £695. This includes 4 consultations with a qualified nutritional therapist - professional guidance and assistance for a period of 3 months. You will also have a personal nutrition programme that will accompany you for life. You will vastly improve your general health and wellbeing, improved quality of life is priceless!

To make an appointment or to speak to Kate Osborne, London Nutritional Therapist, please see our contact page.


'Metabolic balance (MB) is brilliant. I have been on and off diets for years (Slimming World, Weight Watchers etc) and only recently heard about MB. What caught my attention was that you eat real food and that the diet is tailored to you based on your individual blood work.  Most importantly I could find no negative reviews about MB.

I did not know Kate before I started MB. I emailed many practitioners, she replied fairly quickly and I liked her response. We spoke on the phone to discuss what I was looking for and whether I was a suitable candidate for MB, fortunately I was.

I travel 2 hours (fortnightly) across London to meet with Kate. She is great, very supportive, always willing to answer my silly questions and offer me advice on how to overcome my demons (chocolate and cake). She has been my biggest cheerleader and our regular one-to-ones, phone calls and emails have helped keep me on track.

I am in week 11 of my 12 week programme and I have already lost 2 stone without feeling starved or deprived. I keep thinking this must be the honeymoon period and at some point I will “fall off the wagon”, but I have little (still working on the chocolate habit) or no desire to eat the foods I used to. I now crave salad and veg, which would have been unbelievable 4 months ago and my energy levels are higher than I can ever remember. I feel fantastic.

MB is expensive, but I think the accountability (there is no where to hide), the fast results and the fact that it completely re-educates your relationship with food, make it totally worthwhile. With Kate in your corner it makes it even easier 

Hannah Saunders (Civil Servant) 

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