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She is amazing. So encouraging, calm and reassuring. She can give me the right motivation and my attitude towards my diet has completely changed because of her. I cannot recommend her enough. She is really amazing and every time I visit her I always feel better. 


I highly recommend City Life Nutrition to everybody who wants to change their eating habits, loose extra weight and to keep healthy lifestyle. Kate is a very experienced and professional nutritionist. Very reasonable prices aswell. Results are amazing. 


I have tried many eating plans without much success. Working with Kate on Metabolic Balance has been lifechanging. Not only have I lost many kilos, I also have healthy hair and skin and boundless energy. I cannot recommend this more highly. 


Metabolic balance (MB) is brilliant. I have been on and off diets for years (Slimming World, Weight Watchers etc) and only recently heard about MB. What caught my attention was that you eat real food and that the diet is tailored to you based on your individual blood work.  Most importantly I could find no negative reviews about MB.

I did not know Kate before I started MB. I emailed many practitioners, she replied fairly quickly and I liked her response. We spoke on the phone to discuss what I was looking for and whether I was a suitable candidate for MB, fortunately I was.

I travel 2 hours (fortnightly) across London to meet with Kate. She is great, very supportive, always willing to answer my silly questions and offer me advice on how to overcome my demons (chocolate and cake). She has been my biggest cheerleader and our regular one-to-ones, phone calls and emails have helped keep me on track.

I am in week 11 of my 12 week programme and I have already lost 2 stone without feeling starved or deprived. I keep thinking this must be the honeymoon period and at some point I will “fall off the wagon”, but I have little (still working on the chocolate habit) or no desire to eat the foods I used to. I now crave salad and veg, which would have been unbelievable 4 months ago and my energy levels are higher than I can ever remember. I feel fantastic.

MB is expensive, but I think the accountability (there is no where to hide), the fast results and the fact that it completely re-educates your relationship with food, make it totally worthwhile. With Kate in your corner it makes it even easier 

Amie Smith

Before we worked together I had tried several diets and was fairly active but I wasn't able to lose any weight.  Because I already had a pretty healthy diet and I had tried lots of other diets I wasn't quite sure that Metabolic Balance would be any different. With your support, and regular catch ups, I did begin to lose weight slowly.  I also noticed that my eczema started to clear up as a result of the diet.  Together we adjusted the diet when I found it tough to fit it around my social life which made it easier to maintain.  I think having the support and understanding made it much easier to stay motivated 

Camilla Seymour

Having struggled to take off weight over the last few years using a variety of diets, the Metabolic Balance diet with Kate Osborne is the one that really worked. I took off just under two stone over five months and was well advised and helped through the process by Kate, furthermore it is an extremely healthy diet which gave me far more energy and helped me feel healthier in other ways too 

Sam Price

'I wanted to let you know that my eczema has almost completely cleared up, infact the colour has returned to the hand and the skin is starting to heal so a big thank you for all your advice and guidance'

Dr Olivia Lousada


'I met Kate by good fortune when I was continuously tired. I have thought so highly of her care of me, and her way of understanding my body and mood that I have referred everyone I think could benefit as I have done. She is not only knowledgeable she is open, ethical and caring. And I am so much better! Even the NHS had to check out on the results she found, and then agreed with her, having said I was fine. I warmly commend her to you'

Tanja Buttgenbach (Graphic Designer)


'I decided to work with Kate after I failed for years to lose some weight. I also suffered regularly from headaches and was constantly tired and had very little energy. After we tried a few different approaches, we finally got to the bottom of my problem and I started to lose weight just by replacing certain foods with other nutritious options. In addition to the weight loss, I also don’t have headaches anymore and even the pain in my knee/joints improved significantly'



'...I saw my friend the other day and couldn't believe the changes in her appearance and personality, you have worked wonders on her!'

Kiyomi Yamashita (Musician)


'I had been having a major problem with PMT which I didn't even realise I had for a long period of time! (since over 30! I am 37 now) I tried to take Evening Primrose, used Aroma oil to calm me down, drank herbal tea etc but they didn't really have an obvious great result.'Kate Osborne has recommended me a few changes and a nutritional supplement. It took a while to start working, but after a couple of months, I had no PMT!'

Mira Lanceman (Govenment Officer)


'Following a gall bladder removal surgery I have been suffering for nearly a year from terrible indigestion, lost over a stone in weight and was becoming increasingly tired and weak. After following Kate's recommended supplement regime and adjusting my diet I started noticing an improvement almost immediately. It has been nearly a year since and I can honestly say I feel Kate's caring and professional advise has immensely improved my health and my quality of life'

Dr Gemma Cloherty (Clinical Psychologist) 


'I used to suffer from cold sores which would flare up regularly with usually 5-6 different sores on my mouth, I was also suffering from frequent colds, coughs, flu and my immune system was generally very low which was making my working life difficult. With Kate’s help I made some changes to my diet, introducing more whole foods and cutting down on refined, sugary foods and ready meals. I have not had any cold sores since I changed the way that I eat and suffer from half the amount of colds that I used to. I found the consultation really interesting, I found that understanding the effect that my diet was having on my body really motivated me into action' - Dr Gemma Cloherty  (Clinical Psychologist)

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